• OxyGeneo Treatments
  • VAGHEGGI Facial rejuvenation (Plant based natural products)
  • RosaGraf Facials & Microdermabrasion and Ultrasound serum infusion *****
  • Phyto Sintesi Facials & Microdermabrasion
  • DMK Paramedical treatments
  • MEDICAL Aesthetics
  • Massages NEW
  • Laser Hair Removal PACKAGES for Women
  • LASER HAIR REDUCTION for Women Single Treatment
  • Semi Permanent Makeup/Microblading
  • Permanent Makeup
Dimond Microdermabrasion (30min) CA $55
Dimond Microdermabrasion & Ultrasound Serum Infusion (40min) CA $75
Crystal Microdermabrasion (35min) CA $85
Crystal Microdermabrasion with Ultrasound serum Infusion (1h) CA $105
Vagheggi Prima peel (45min) CA $95
Vagheggi Prima peel - 8 Treatments (1h) CA $495
Chemical peel for all skin type (1h) CA $85
Medical grade chemical peel all skin Type (1h) CA $150
OxyGeneo Dermabrasion and Serum infusion /FACE (30min) CA $75
OXYGENEO 3 in 1 Super Facial (Safe for ANY skin type!) (1h 15min) CA $150
OxyGeneo & 30 min Radio Frequency skin tightening (1h 45min) CA $185
OxyGeneo & 60 min Radio frequency skin tightening (2h) CA $295
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening (45 min) CA $155
Radio Frequency Skin Tightening 60 min (Anti-aging) (1h 10min) CA $195

All Facial with Microdermabrasion

Vagheggi Para medical Peel with a facial (1h 30min) CA $155
Vagheggi Brightening Facial $105 (1h) CA $105
Organic Bio+ Vagheggi Facial (All skin type) with Microdermabrasion (1h 20min) CA $115
Emozioni Plus Vagheggi (Plan based natural) Reacted skin (1h 15min) CA $135
Vagheggi Aromatherapy Facial (Customized for all skin type) (1h 30min) CA $135
Vagheggi 75.15 (Anti-aging only 40+) (1h 15min) CA $145
Equilibrium Vagheggi (Oily/Combination skin) (1h 35min) CA $95

Top Facial

Customized Anti-Aging (1h 15min) CA $125
RosaGraf 40+ Anti-aging Dry/Mature (Paraben Free) (1h 15min) CA $135
Thalasso Facial All Skin Types/Mature/Sun-Damaged (1h 15min) CA $125
Stem Cell Facial All Skin Types (Paraben Free) (1h 15min) CA $125
Teen Facial (50min) CA $65
Vitamin C Facial (Paraben Free)Tired/Dull/Dehydrated Skin (1h 15min) CA $115
Collagen Facial (Paraben Free) (1h 15min) CA $115
Retinol Facial Anti-aging (Paraben Free) (1h 15min) CA $115
Hyaluronic Acid Facial (Paraben Free) All skin types (1h 15min) CA $115
Fruit-acid Facial/ All skin types/Oily/Combination (1h 15min) CA $115

Ant-aging tretament

Dmk #1Mask all skin type (1h) CA $119
DMK Congested Acne (1h 15min) CA $169
DMK Pigmentation, Sun Damage (1h 15min) CA $169
DMK Reactive, Rosacea, acne, fragile capillaries (1h 15min) CA $169
DMK Blackhead and Congestion (1h) CA $218
DMK Bihaku Treatment A brightening facial treatment designed to plump, hydrate and even-out skin tone. (1h 20min) CA $209
DMK Prozyme Treatment enzymatic exfoliation (1h 30min) CA $209
DMK Pro Alpha #1 Treatment Designed to hydrolyze dead cell material (1h 15min) CA $209
Enzyme #3 Muscle bunding (Facelift) (1h 30min) CA $249
HAIR LOSS treatment (1h) CA $350
MICRONEEDLING Face (1h 15min) CA $350
Facial/30min Massage combo (2h 25min 3 services) CA $235
Facial/60min massage combo (2h 45min 3 services) CA $255
Aromatherapy massage (1h) CA $85
Aromatherapy massage (30min) CA $55
Swedish massage (1h) CA $75
Swedish Massage (30min) CA $45

Packages has to pay upfront.

6 Session Full Face & Jawline (30min) CA $630
6 Sessions Underarm (15min) CA $360
6 Sessions Brazilian (30min) CA $1,050
6 Sessions Lower legs (40min) CA $1,050
6 Session Full legs (1h) CA $1,890
6 Session Full back (45min) CA $1,890
6 Session Buttocks (30min) CA $630
6 Session #1/Laser Package Brazilian & Underarm (30min 2 services) CA $1,410
6 Sessions #2 Laser Package, Full Legs-Brazilian-Underarm (1h 45min 3 services) CA $3,300
Full Body Laser Hair Removal One treatment, Full Face, Underarm, Full Arms, Full Back, Buttocks, Brazilian, Full legs (3h 40min 6 services) CA $910
6 Sessions Full Body Laser Hair Removal One treatment, Full Face, Underarm, Full Arms, Full Back, Buttocks, Brazilian, Full legs (3h 30min 6 services) CA $6,450

Buy a package client has to pay upfront!

Full Face & Jawline (30min) CA $105
Upper lip (10min) CA $45
Chin laser (10min CA $45
Sideburns (10min) CA $45
Neck (25min) CA $60
Jawline (15min) CA $60
Toes (10min)
Hands (15min) CA $60
Underarm (15min) CA $60
Brazilian (30min) CA $175
Lower back (20min) CA $105
Tummyline (15min) CA $45
Buttock (30min) CA $105
Full back (40min) CA $315
Half arms (30min) CA $175
Full arms laser (45min) CA $150
Bikini line (25min) CA $60
Shoulder (25min) CA $105
Chest (30min) CA $105
Shoulder (30min) CA $105
Chest (25min) CA $140
Abdomen (20min) CA $105
Tummy line (15min) CA $60
Lower leg (35min) CA $175
Full leg (1h 10min) CA $315
Half leg (40min) CA $140
Upper lip (15min) CA $45
Chin (15min) CA $45
Sideburns (15min) CA $45
Jawline/Chin (20min) CA $60
Full face (30min) CA $105
Front of the neck (20min) CA $60
Back of the neck (25min) CA $60
Full neck (30min) CA $105
Hands & Feet (15min) CA $45
Underarm (20min) CA $60
Chest (40min) CA $105
Abdomen (30min) CA $105
Chest & Abdomen (45min) CA $315
Shoulders (35min) CA $105
Lower back (40min) CA $105
Upper back (40min) CA $105
Upper Back & Shoulders (40min) CA $175
Full back (45min) CA $315
Full back with Shoulders (1h) CA $315
Half legs (40min) CA $175
Full legs (1h) CA $315
Full arms & Hands and fingers (45min) CA $315
Half arms (40min) CA $175
Microblading full set (2h 30min) CA $450
Microblading touch up (1h 30min) CA $150
Nano brows/ Microblading (2h 30min) CA $450
Nano brows/Tattoo (Full set) (2h 30min) CA $550
Eyebrow Powder brows (2h 30min) CA $650
Eyebrows Tattoo touch up (1h 30min) CA $150
Eyeliner both (Upper & Lower) (2h) CA $500
Eyeliner top (1h 30min) CA $350
Eyeliner lower (45min) CA $200
Lip liner (1h 30min) CA $350
Lip full (2h) CA $650