IPL Skin Rejuvenation/Photofacial

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It simultaneously treats the three main elements of sun-damaged, environmentally-polluted and aging skin by coagulating blood vessels.

The SharpLight IPL Skin Rejuvenation/Photo facial is a a light-based skin rejuvenation treatment used to:

  • Lightens the skin, remove sun and age spots
  • Gets rid of brown blotches on the face, neck, chest and hands
  • Reduces redness and rosacea
  • Reduces dilated blood vessels on face, neck and chest
  • Improves skin texture, boosts collagen
  • Minimizes the pores
Face – 1 Session $150
Face – 6 Sessions $720
Face/Neck – 1 Session $225
Face/Neck – 6 Sessions $990
Face/Neck/Décolleté – 1 Session $245
Face/Neck/Décolleté – 6 Sessions $1250

The number of IPL photo sessions you will need, will vary according to the condition you are treating, the results you want, and how your skin responds.

You can see some improvement with each treatment, but it is common for your skin to respond slightly different each time.

Normally you will need 3-5 sessions, three to six weeks apart.

We have a high degree of satisfaction with our client’s results and you can expect to see a gradual decrease in redness, broken capillaries, flushing, irregular pigmentation and fine lines. After each treatment the skin will feel smoother and appear to have a more even tone.

After your first treatment, you can expect to see some redness, darkening of brown spots, and some swelling is not uncommon. These will resolve in several hours, to one week.

Winona Skin Care

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Vascular & Pigmented Lesion

Discover your skin’s true beauty with SharpLight’s treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions.

SharpLight’s non-invasive med-aesthetic systems effectively treat and clear vascular and pigmented lesions using safe, reliable and comfortable techniques. SharpLight’s therapies successfully treat a vast range of vascular and pigmented lesions, including telangiectasia, erythema, rosacea, broken capillaries, dyschromia, solar lentigo, mottled pigmentation, melasma and poikilormera, and are ideal for all skin types and all age groups.

SharpLight’s innovative tools use pulsed light technology, a therapy choice that has experienced rapid advancement and popularity in recent years. This therapy targets and applies light to the affected areas, which coagulates the blood vessel and breaks the pigmented lesion into tiny particles; these then disappear or rise to the surface of the skin as scabs, which are naturally exfoliated within one to two weeks.

Unlike alternatives, such as dermabration, laser resurfacing and chemical peels, which often carry adverse side effects, pulsed light technology is a safe,

effective and fast way to treat lesions and restore skin to a cleaner, clearer, younger looking texture – and it requires no down time.

Main Benefits

The following are some of the main advantages of SharpLight’s treatments of vascular and pigmented lesions:

  • Results are achieved efficiently in three to six treatment sessions, each lasting only up to 25 minutes.
  • There is no down time involved.
  • There are treatment solutions available for all client profiles.
  • Treatments are non-invasive, safe and relatively painless options.
  • Treatments are highly effective, completely eliminating the lesions and restoring a fresher, clearer skin texture.
  • The pulsed light technology is an effective and safe alternative to other treatments that often come with adverse side effects.
  • Treatments have been proven successful for thousands of satisfied clients.

Winona Skin Care

Individual Vascular Lesion:

1 Session $30
6 Sessions $150

Individual Pigmented Sunspots:

1 Session $30
6 Sessions $150

Rosacea(Cheek/Nose Area)

1 Session $75
6 Sessions $425
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